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Migrant Quick Reference Guide

The guide below contains useful information about services and multicultural support groups in the area.


Your Guide to Renting – Help with Housing for New Arrivals

Finding a place to rent is so important when you first arrive and there are many things to take into account when you become a tenant (a person who rents a property). Your Guide to Renting – Help with Housing for New Arrivals has practical tips to help you.

Fair Trading provides a new Tenant Information Statement and a Landlord Information Statement to the two parties – tenant (person who pays rent) and landlord (property owner who collects rent). These are available in community languages.

This fact sheet contains important information you should know before you sign a lease. Read the checklist carefully and ask your landlord or agent about anything you do not understand.

NSW Fair Trading has information about renting in Community Languages

Your Path to Career Success: Tips to find Work

Your Path to Career Success: Tips to find Work gives practical advice, local contacts, resources and websites. The guide has a flowchart designed to take you through steps to find work with access to website links. A separate Flow Chart with the full web addresses listed can also be printed. 


The LNSMN supports the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Anti-Racisim Campaign: Racism – It Stops With Me. Racism is unacceptable. If you suffer harassment or abuse based on race or religion, there is support available. For further information contact either the Australian Human Rights Commission or the Anti-Discrimination NSW.

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